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Manual Tensioner

PRICE: $730.00


The WT114 is a heavy duty windlass/Pigtail type Tensioner. No other manual Tensioner exerts the tensioning force of this product. This product handles strapping widths from 3/4" ( 19mm) x .025" (.64mm) up to 1 1/4"(32mm) x .035(.89mm) thickness. Maximum power is delivered by the windlass shaft while the carbide insert in the bottom gripper assures a positive grip. After tensioning and sealing, a downward movement of the tensioning handle automatically releases the gripper. The WT114 is an excellent USA made product that offers the highest quality in today's marketplace.

For 3/4" strapping, this tool is used with a SSN34 Sealer or a SDRN34 Sealer and used with 717 Seals.

For 1-1/4" strapping, this tool is used with a SSN114 Sealer or a SDRN114 Sealer and used with 818 Seals.