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Pneumatic Tool

PRICE: $3,718.75


Strap Quality: PET
Joint Type: Friction Weld Seal
Package Type: Flat/Round (min. diameter 700 mm/28")
Strap Width: 25mm/1"
Strap Thickness: from .08 up to 1.25 mm / .031" - .050"
Max Tension: 5000 N - 1100 lbs
Max Tension Speed: around 6 mt/min - 20 ft/min
Air Pressure: from 5.5 up to 6.5 bar max / 78 - 92 PSI
Air Consumption: 12 l/s tension - 14 l/s welding / 29 cuft/min
Weight: around 5.3 kgs / 11.6 lbs.

Should be used with overhead balancer depending on strap and size of tool.